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Business Cards

We love designing business cards. Our design process relies heavily on input from the customer, and then we set out to capture their vision. Yeah, it can take a few revisions before the customer's vision is realized, but we don't mind.

If you plan to print your business cards on your home printer, we will provide a file format that will allow you to do just that.

If you plan to use a professional print shop to print your business cards (like Kinkos or VistaPrint.com), we will provide you with a ".png" file and a ".jpg" file. We will also provide a Photoshop document (.psd file) that will allow use of the full-bleed print standard to ensure that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed business card.

Here are a few examples of business cards that we've created for some of our customers. (Click on a card image for a closer view)

Poppers and Hoppers - Bradley, IL

Poppers and Hoppers is a fly fishing specialty shop. The background on the business card is a photo of a burlap fabric that was manipulated to look more like a texture. On top of that there is a transluscent layer of pale browns. The next layer is made of fishing related terms.

We also designed and produced the banner on the Poppers and Hoppers website so that it is consistent with the branding on their business card.


J & M Mechanics - Southwest Florida

Are you in Southwest Florida and in need of a good mechanic? Well, Jeff McCleary is the man for the job.

Jeff's business card has an industrial motif that evokes strength and integrity. The design is deliberately simple: The background is a photgraphic image of diamond plate aluminium. Jeff provided a rough sketch of the tools, from which we created the finished graphic. The colors were strategically chosen to stand out from the background, but not in an overpowering way. Jeff helped with the color choices.


Tea and Sweets - teaandsweets.etsy.com

We had created and showcased a fairy named "Buttercup" in our Etsy shop along with a story about the fairy. The customer saw this and asked if she could purchase the image and story for her business brand. Of course, we were happy to oblige.

We created this two-sided card with a soft purple gradiant background with the fairy sitting on a cupcake. (This was a baked goods shop). We used a somewhat formal script font.


A Little Xtra Something - Southwest Florida

Michele sold handmade cup cozies, key fobs, and other hand-crafted items. The girl in the picture had been created by another artist, but needed to be enhanced for the business card.

We changed the eye color on the girl and modified her hand position so that it is holding a cup, which has a graphic version of a cup cozy. We also created a plain black background with sparkles. The business title was one that was part of the existing brand, so it worked well on the black background. The rest of the words on the business card use a deliberately conservative font that stands out, but does not detract from the creative aspects of the brand.

We also have done other branding projects for “A Little Xtra Something”, including their website.


Deerpath Designs - Columbia, MO

This business card came from a banner that was featured in our Etsy shop. The customer liked the banner design and asked for a similar business card design.

Click here to visit the Deerpath Designs Etsy shop.


Sassy Thighs - sassythighs.etsy.com

This business sells wedding related items such as garters. The garter pictured on the card actually came from a photograph, but was enhanced in Photoshop to look like a drawing.

Click here to visit the Sassy Thighs Etsy shop.


The Fairy Godmother At Large - San Jose, CA

The Fairy Godmother At Large is actually the Rev. Sharon Vaughn whose mission is to provide nice weddings for couples that normally couldn't afford it. Sharon officiates the wedding ceremonies and provides most, and in some cases all, of the trappings of a fairytale wedding.

The graphic image of the Fairy Godmother is based on descriptions given to us by Sharon.

Sharon believes every woman deserves a fairytale wedding regardless of their station in life.


A Miracle For America - San Jose, CA

"A Miracle For America" is a prayer network founded by Sharon Vaughn. Sharon provided a rough sketch of the flag and asked that an eagle be featured on the flag.

We created the logo in Adobe Illustrator based on her rough sketch. The flag and eagle became an integral part of the brand for her organization. We also created all of the graphics and branding for her companion website, www.amiracleforamerica.org

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